EUnews banner per sito  granducato CORRETTOEUNews is the second Jean Monnet Project designed by CesUE after EUMAN.

The idea of the project stems from the need for European civic consciousness and a pro-EU communication for the public opinion at all levels, implementing the creation of a European public sphere.

To do so with EUNews CesUE realized a TV partnership with the Tuscany regional broadcasting company Granducato TV: in December 2017 it was launched a weekly “EUNews” TV program on Granducato TV, to discuss the main European issues and the EU agenda of the week with some experts, involving high schools' students and the TV viewers into a truly supranational perspective on current affairs that can provide them with new effective tools to understand what’s going on today in Europe at all levels.

All the 25 episodes of "EUNews - L’Europa oggi”, entirely dedicated to Europen issues were broadcasted, with international guests and leading commentators such as Massimo Cacciari, Giuseppe Provenzano, Daniel Innerarity, reaching tens of thousands TV viewers.

Each episode was made of the news of the week, an editorial on one of the crucial current issues, one of the "Challenges" of the EU and two columns particularly important to implement an active European citizenship. The first column was the "European Words" column, a sort of ABC to know Europe and to be kept in mind when discussing on European issues.

We have prepared two short videos collecting the most significant words. it is like a sort of multimedia dictionary:


In each episode there is a specific section dedicated to the students, the socalled "student's questions" column, which animated the entire program. In each episode, we selected at least two questions prepared by the students involved in the EUNews educational activities we received many video realised by students outside Tuscany: from Genoa, Rome, Gallarate and Naples, as well as from Lucca, Grosseto, Massa.


Here we have selected those questions about some of the most significant and important issues: immigration, the european foreign policy, the institutional theme, the Brexit issue, the economic and social problems:

Here you can see the video of the winners of the EUNews competition: Gaia Simonelli, Filippo Bandoni, Alessandro Del Guerra, Ludovico Pierini, Marta Carignani of the Liceo Scientifico ”A. Vallisneri” in Lucca

On the other hand, the project offered conferences and lectures to teachers and students all over the region about the challenges the EU has to face, their perception through the existing European media framework, the tools and ways needed to implement a European approach to their analysis and to overcome the exclusively national perspectives dominating today.

The final event, a European Awareness Day, took place in Grosseto at Teatro Moderno on 13th april. Within the event, the Recital "Europe: what a Passion! The Tale of a Stormy Love affair" was staged in front of more than 500 people.

Here yuo can see all the episodes of EUNews - L'Europa oggi the weekly TV program broadcast from December 2017 to May 2018 and then the second edition starting from January 2019

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