Banner EUACT sitoThe eCampus telematic University is a young and well-established reality of the Italian academic landscape that bases its development on the high competence and quality of its teaching staff and its eLearning infrastructure.

With the EUAct Project – Active Learning for an active EU citizenship, which has reached the continent's top list of Jean Monnet 2017 projects selected by the European Commission, eCampus has now won its first European Erasmus+ project, conceived by Francesco Pigozzo in close collaboration with Daniela Martinelli within the Research Centre on Multilevel Integration and Governance Processes, directed by Roberto Castaldi.

the project, dedicates to Secondary Schools of the 11 Italian cities where eCampus has its headquarters, is composed by a range of free activities of high innovation and consequence of high level practice recognized by the Ministry of Education and the European Commission:

  • Europe: what a Passion!”, which will be brought to the italian cinemas in events with debate;
  • Workshop for teachers structured in innovative mixed ways in presence and through eLearning, but consistent with the training program developed by MIUR, European Commission, European Parliament and European Policy Department for the implementation of the pilot agreement on Europe in schools (;
  • A competition that will give the opportunity to get the full coverage of the costs of participating in an intensive Summer School dedicated to students from Italian secondary schools interested in European issues and to receive a specific orientation for the development of university and career paths open to European and international dimension of today's society.

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