obiettiviContributing to education, opinion making and the emergence of political decisions consistent with the need of building a framework of full multilevel democratic citizenship in Europe.

Raising and spreading awareness about the plurality of levels of analysis and of collective and individual participation, from the local to the global dimension.

Turning the perception of social interdipendence from constraint to a key factor of collective development and individual success by way of governing and institutional tools that fit with today complex system of power networks and hierarchies.



Research and activation of cooperative synergies among individuals, entities and networks of partners who share our vision.

Adoption, development and dissemination of a scientific and ethical paradigm inspired by methodological pluralism, enhancement of diversity and open-mindedness.

Stimulating, in all sectors of society, individual and communitarian exercise of active and responsible multilevel citizenship inspired by creativity and science.

Actively participating to the strenghtening of European political unity as a decisive factor for communitarian and cosmopolitan development..

CesUE provides public and private bodies with research, educational and communication services, works and products related to European integration and global governance issues. Among them:

  • development, production and marketing of innovative high technology services in the field of private and institutional communications;
  • the provision of advanced control tools in the evaluation and monitoring of public policies;
  • design and implementation of information and communication activities;
  • support to public and private bodies in relation to design, execution, management, reporting of European projects;
  • production, purchase and sale of informative materials, publications, studies, reports, surveys;
  • design and reverse engineering of virtual logistics platforms for private and public bodies aimed to the management of information and training flows related to the opportunities and risks linked to the European, global economic, social, political and legal context;
  • the promotion of information activities and advice on ways and opportunities for enhancing the productive factors in the European Union and on an international level;
  • training for fostering public and private bodies’ global competitiveness, also through the promotion of quality certification protocols;
  • training, including distance learning classes(FAD), training, updating, qualification, and vocational retraining.