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European Awareness Days are a multiplier of initiatives and synergies in favor of European unity and active participation of European citizens in its development.

They involve heterogeneous targets in a variety of events over a single day, with a major event that is suitable for attracting large audiences of all ages and usually celebrated in the host cities most prestigious and wealthy locations.

The main event program is also suitable for radio-television broadcasting.

It is composed of the music recital show "Europe: what a Passion! The tale of a stormy love affair" by Daniela Martinelli and Francesco Pigozzo performed live by Paolo Barillari, Michela Ciusani and Davide Magnabosco - young and brilliant performers of the Italian music scene; a second part focused on scientific knowledge about the EU and on interaction with participants follows the show: it may consist of a brilliant conference on a specific topic followed by debate, of a direct debate starting from the show contents and typically touching the main current issues regarding the EU and its future, of a round table with selected speakers (representatives of culture and politics) open to answer questions from the audience etc.

“Europe: what a Passion!” lays the foundation of a new narrative for the EU, telling the story of European integration since World War II up to today challenges in a supranational perspective. Musical, theatrical, figurative and video-textual resources involve the audience "emotionally" by placing it on the side of a constructively critical approach to the EU, recalling the values and goals of the ideal of European unity and overtaking the unilateral negative view of Europe often offered by the media and now widespread among the citizens.

The recital leads to the second part of the event, which provides scientific data and tools to "rationally" understand and take part to the debate on single policies, EU institutions or the projects, methods and timetables to complete the integration process.

As a corollary to the main event, normally scheduled in the evening (for events targeting general public) or in the morning (for events targeting students and teachers), EADs can include a wide range of afternoon activities focused on specific beneficiaries and participants: teachers, civil society organizations, think tanks and academic partners, local administrators. These activities aim to activate synergies and good local and multi-level practices and become an effective multiplier of the results achieved with the main event.

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