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Farewell to Simone Veil,

the President of the European Parliament who approved the Progetto Spinelli

Speech at the European Parliament


ces_ue RT @EUILib: The origins of @UNICEF, 1946-1953 by Jennifer M. Morris #UNICEF #NGO https://t.co/7yfFdeD0Bt https://t.co/pNzSwid5gU
ces_ue RT @spectatorindex: US Carbon Dioxide emissions (million metric tonnes) 1985: 4,600 2000: 5,868 2015: 5,262 (EIA) https://t.co/Zmq37aUDtG
ces_ue RT @ECIReform: Consultation on #ECI: information & suggestions for helpful answers. https://t.co/P5977euGmM #ECIreform @stanjourdan @jerryw
ces_ue RT @repubblica: Libia tra crisi, migranti e ruolo incerto delle potenze straniere https://t.co/a9N5xYgrbV
ces_ue RT @rielcano: “La espiral proteccionista de EEUU no ha empezado con Trump, pero se está acentuando preocupantemente con él” https://t.co/CI
ces_ue RT @lanuovaeuropa: Investire in Europa? Ecco come https://t.co/PCYBuHOcQR
ces_ue RT @lanuovaeuropa: Stop alla pubblicità occulta dei vip sui social. Interviene @antitrust_it https://t.co/Y6HdZ6LT1e
ces_ue RT @EU_Commission: EU to open Delegation to Mongolia,democratic country strategically located between China & Russia. Important partner htt…
ces_ue RT @DSMeu: #IoT, #cloud & other emerging growth sectors are driven by data. Here's what we propose for European #dataeconomy https://t.co/N
ces_ue RT @Tony_Matique: 1903: una piccola donna indiana si scarrozza un mercante inglese. La storia del mondo in una foto. https://t.co/zoyspTQoS5
ces_ue RT @Bruegel_org: #ASEAN Against the World: Strength in the Numbers. Opinion by @Aligarciaherrer on #corporatedebt in #SEAsia. https://t.co/
ces_ue RT @EU_Commission: Looking for project investors? Learn how the new #EIPP portal features can help make your business idea a reality: https…
ces_ue RT @Gruene_Europa: The trial of employees of @cumhuriyetgzt is a warning: #PressFreedom & #HumanRights are fragile everywhere.We won't look…
ces_ue RT @EUwatchers: Poland’s opposition struggles to pass its message on to voters https://t.co/1h9WhIdB0z via @ftbrussels https://t.co/MThAR4f
ces_ue RT @ggramaglia: Buongiorno. @AffInt @IAIonline: in morte di Simone #veil, il numero da deportata spuntava dalla manica del tallieur https:…
ces_ue RT @VITAnonprofit: Africa: l’esternalizzazione delle frontiere europee inizia dai visti https://t.co/xfjOqc1gj3
ces_ue RT @ForeignPolicy: Thousands took to the streets in Poland to protest controversial reforms. It appears they worked -- for now. https://t.…
ces_ue RT @InteractEU: 🎬 Working in Interreg and thinking of video making? Get inspiration from our latest publication Interreg in motion 🔗 https:…


EUMAN - Arts and humanities for an inclusive EU -


CesUE participates in the "call for proposal" of the Jean Monnet Projects 2016 with a project dedicated to Art Schools, Licei Artistici, Musicali e Coreutici italiani which aim to transform the Giornate di Consapevolezza Europea format in a powerfull European Civic Education tool...


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European Awareness - AwarEU


European Awareness – AwarEU is a project financed within the Call Social Inclusion through Education, Training and Youth of the Key Action 3 Initiatives for Policy Innovation of Erasmus Plus.
The project, that involves 5 EU Member States, will upscale and upgrade the European Communication format of the European Awareness Day (EAD) developed by CesUE. The communicative logic of the (EAD), which includes a Musical Recital on the EU will be used to develop a course on EU history offered on a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which...


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EPAS - European Parliament Ambassador School


The project (EPAS ) “European Parliament Ambassador School”, promoted by the European Parliament (PE) with the Rappresentanza in Italia del Parlamento Europeo and edited by CesUE , is focuses on the involvement of schools for correct information and education about European issues, specifically about the history of European integration and the functioning of the UE institutions, first of all the PE. The aim of the institution that promoted the project is to...


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APPEAL to the re-foundation of EU
"A genuine European Union to ensure welfare, security and democracy"


Over 300 European intellectuals and academics from across the European Union have signed an appeal in view of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. The Appeal “A genuine European Union to ensure welfare, security and democracy” calls upon the Heads of State and Government meeting in Rome to celebrate the Treaties of Rome to open the way to a re-foundation of the EU on the basis of recent European Parliament’s proposals to strengthen EU institutions and policies, especially on foreign and security, economic and social policies. The authors call upon the Europe’s youth, its civil society, workers, entrepreneurs, academia, local governments and European citizens to participate in the March for Europe in Rome on March 25 to give political leaders the strength and courage to push forward the EU to a new beginning.


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EUCivic - Empowering European Citizens through European Civil Education - a "Success Story"


The European Commission has selected the Jean Monnet Project “EUcivic – Empowering European Citizens through European Civil Education” of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Ann as a European “Success story”, an example of a finalised project that has distinguished itself by its impact, contribution to policy-making, innovative results, creative approach and can be a source of inspiration for others. The project was coordinated by prof. Roberto Castaldi and had as Chief project officer dr. Francesco Pigozzo, who then contributed to the creation of CesUE to further enhance the European Civic Education activities. Therefore, this recognition further strengthen CesUE’s commitment and will to further innovate in this field.


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for further information or to join the initiative,
mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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